What Are Famous Photographers?

1Famous photographers are photographers who are known for their work. To become a famous photographer, you work has to be considered the best photography or the best pictures taken that capture a particular moment, event or is representative of the artistry of photography. There are many different famous photographers throughout the world who have been recognized for their work. Many of these photographers are still alive today and travel to different museums and other exhibit places to discuss their work and the motivation behind a particular photography work that is famous.

•    What Makes a Photographer Famous?

There are different factors that makes famous photographers. Famous photographers can be a person who is in the right place moment at the right moment and takes a famous picture. This includes the person who took the picture of the mounting of the flag on Mount Sarabachi in Iowa Jima during World War II or the photographer who took the picture of the Challenger space shuttle exploding in mid-air during take-off. Famous photographers can be professionals who get paid to take pictures for newspapers, magazines and other media outlets or could be an amateur who just happened to capture the photograph, like those images of 9-11 that were captured by many people who happen to be near the World Trade Center in New York City.

•    How to Become a Famous Photographer

There is no specific training or career route to becoming famous as a photographer. If you like to take pictures you should learn everything you can about the craft and become proficient with the different types of cameras available for taking photographs. You should also look at the works of noted famous photographers that can be easily found online or at a photography exhibit that is being held in your community. You can examine the work of famous photographers and see what qualities made them famous.